HANDSDOWN is a clever traffic light system that operates like a triage for the classroom enabling teachers and students to prioritise questioning and assistance. Handsdown provides instant feedback of learning in your classroom.
HANDSDOWN uses three foam coloured hands (red, orange and green) placed within the ‘line of sight’ of teachers to indicate whether students need assistance immediately or whether they can continue working but would like assistance when the teacher is ready.
If you are an educator HANDSDOWN is for you. It can be applied in any learning setting for all age groups and is great for special needs students.

The story behind HANDSDOWN

Teacher and Founder, Robyne Luketic shares her experiences from the classroom and why HANDSDOWN was created.

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    What others are saying

    “Handsdown is a great tool for any classroom. Great for time management, student engagement and improving teaching and learning time.”
    Mark Richardson, ICT Coordinator
    Williamstown Primary School
    “I appreciate how Handsdown has changed my classroom. No more students yelling out or chasing me around the classroom.”
    Library/ICT Teacher
    Seaholme Primary School
    “This clever traffic-light system operates like triage for the classroom, enabling students and teachers to prioritise questions and assistance.”
    Inspire Magazine
    “Handsdown for a more organized, constructive classroom where students are focused on their learning and not disturbing others around them.”
    Tammie Thompson, Leading Teacher
    Altona Primary School